Liteman Electrical and Lighting Distributors
have an large range of Electrical products including but not limited to

  • Batteries
    AA, double A, AAA, triple A, B, C, D 9V,12V, CR, gate motor batteries, rechargeable
  • Cable and Wire
    Armoured cable, cabtyre. Ripcord, Coaxial, flat twin and earth, Surflex, General purpose, GP wire, illumination cable, earth wire. Mains Cable, welding cable, flex panel wire, Extension cable, speaker wire, silicone wire, round norsk
  • Cable Accessories
    cable clips, cable splicing, nail in anchor, screws, nuts, saddles, cable glands
  • Distribution Boards
    Surface Mounted, recess, flush mounted, waterproof, Samite, Dim Rail, Ready board, Swimming pool box, Circuit breakers, isolators. Earth leakage, Mains, lighting arrestor, Single pole, double pole, triple pole, single phase, double phase, triple phase, CBI,buzz bar, adaptor clips, pool timer, time switch, white handle, green handle, QAT Timer, labels, label books, In case of Emergency
  • Fans
    desk fans, floor fans, standing fans, Industrial fans. Wall mounted, recargable fans, ceiling fans, Retractable blades, 2 blades, 3 blades, 4 blades, 5 blades, décor centre, solent
  • Fluorescents
    tubes, 2ft,3,ft,4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 8ft, cool white, daylight, fluorescent fittings, ballasts, starters, double fittings, single fittings, open channel, with diffusor, panel, black light white, black light blue, flame proof, water proof, spark proof, dust proof, IP65, IP66, Aquaruim, T8
  • General Products
    Rubber plug tops, Rubber Janus coupler, PVC plug top, Earth spike, Earth clamp, Cable ties, Scruit connectors, midget, strip connectors, Porcelain block connectors, Glands no 0, Glands No 1, Cable clips, shrouds, heat shrink, daynight switches, motion sensor, fuses, joint kits, locks, lugs, ferrules, torches, butterfly screws, micro switches, drill bits, insulation tape, nitto tape, batteries, raw bolts, oven elements, stove elements, stove plates, nuts, capacitors, concrete nails, thermostat, heater bars, heater spares, oven spares, globe holders, porcelain holders, brass holders, jam jars, gallery and bowl, 6 inch bowl, 8 inch glass balls, galvanized boxes, Extensions, 2 pin plugs, shoko plugs, dedicated plugs, surge protectors, emergency lamps, emergency globes, double sided tape, relay, relay base, multimeter, extension boxes, toggle switch, stop start, normally open, normally closed, Day light switch, grommets, LED drivers, transformers, Electronic ballast, geyser element, enclosures, meter boxes, slab boxes, change over switch, intermediate switch, dimmer module, LED dimmer mod, Money detectors, insect killers, extractor fans, school projects, Tools – Screw drivers, Multi meter, Security – Flood Lights, LED flood lights, Halogen flood lights, Energy saving flood lights, PAR 38, With motion sensor, with day night, steel accessories – Conduit, loop in boxes, galvanized glands, Galv gripper, lock nuts, Bosal
  • Globes
    Screw in, edison screw, bayonet cap, BC, ES, SES, SBC, E14, E27, E40, GES, Large screw, With pins, push in globe, Energy saving globes, LED globes, Energy efficient lamps, golf balls, candle globes, oven globes, lava lamp globes. Pigmy, coloured globes, GU10, downlighter globes, downlights, LED down lighters, spot lights, MR16, Low voltage, 12V globes, by pin, G4,G9, Halogen, QI, Incandescent, high pressure sodium, Mercury blended, PL7, PL9, PL11, 2D, R50, R63, R80, PAR 38, Mercury Vapour, Inferred, Daynight Sensor, Metal Hailde, Opalina, Filament globes, torch globes, reflectors, Colour changing, RGB, Dulux D, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T9., circular, Warm white, cool white, Daylight, natural light, Lumens, 6000K, 4500K, 3000K, Kelvins, Spiral, bright globes, dim globes, low wattage, low energy, old fashion globes, Dimmerable, dimmer able, dimming globes, bleeder, HPS, High pressure sodium, UV tubes
  • Heaters
    Bathroom heaters, inferred heaters, heater globes, wall heaters, bar heaters, heater bars, heater switches, heater accessories
  • Lighting
    Indoor Light fittings, Outdoor Lights , Light fixtures, Light fittings, Crystal Chandeliers, Chandeliers, Pendants, Ceiling lights, Down lighters, Downlighters, wall lights, garden lights, lanterns, bollards, spike lights, bathroom lights, ceiling fans, standing lamps, desk lamps, study lamps, touch lamps, bankers lamps, decorative lamps, Shades, shades and bases, glass shades, cabinet lights, foot lights, deck lights, bedside lamps, pond lamps, submergable lamps, bulkheads ,pole lamps, street lights, spot lights, track lights, security lights, children’s lights, Panel lights, LED strip lights, High bays, hi-bays, Industrial lighting, project lighting,, colour changing, Strip lights, under counter lights, Kitchen lights, Fluorescent, 12V. low voltage, surface mounted, recess, uplighters, metal pendants, wall brackets
  • PVC accessories
    20mm, 25mm, 32mm,50mm, Conduit, glands, trunking (YT1, YT2,YT3,YT4 YT5), skirting, junction boxes, loop in boxes, spraque, spiral binding, lids adaptors. Inspection bends/elbows/tee, couplings, saddles, powerskirting, end caps
  • Plugs
    single plugs, double plugs, red plug tops, dedicated plugs, blue plug tops, 2 pin plug, 2 pin plug, shoko, HDMI, shaver plug, euro plug, usb, tv point
  • Switches
    1 lever, 2 lever, 3 lever 4 lever 5 lever 6 lever, 4 x 2, 4 x 4, 3, dimmer modules, industrial, 1 way switch, 2 way switch, blanks, cover, plate, waterproof, bell press, bell push, with locators, with LEDS, switch socket outlets, On/off, Dimmer switch, Rotary switch, limit switch, switchgear, toggle switchelightman

    Liteman Electrical and Lighting Distributors
    have an large range of Electrical products including but not limited to
    •batteries and torches •fluorescent light fittings plus ballasts •fluorescent tubes
    •incandescent as well as mercury, metal halide and high pressure sodium, energy saving quartz halogen and dicroic lamps. LED globes , Downlighters, ES, BC , SES, QI, PAR38 •all metal and plastic electrical accessories
    •pvc conduit accessories •electrical distribution boards and meter boxes
    •all general purpose wire, armoured cable, norse cable, •flexible wire, ripcord, cabtyre, and heat/flame proof wire
    •all joint kits and tapes •crimping cable lugs and ferrules •dimmers, LED Dimmers and modules
    •geyser, kettle elements and thermostats •plug tops all types •extension cords and couplers
    •fuses, all types •spares for fluorescent fittings and LED drivers, Starters, ballast •bowl fittings
    •QI fittings •low energy flood fittings •fans and heaters •indicator lamps •spare lamp holders
    •pvc and steel tubing and conduit •slotted trunking •extension reels •stove plates •welding plugs and sockets plastic and steel •rotary switches •polycarb box enclosures •oven thermostats and switches
    •electrical test instruments •steel trunking and cable tray •watertight tubing •transformers
    •hole saws, hacksaw blades •wall boxes •electricians tools •insulation tape •day/night switches

    We pride ourselves on our service and will endeavour to procure any items you require that we do not stock ourselves.

    We stock a variety of switches and plugs. Brands stocked legrand, Crabtree, Schneider Electrical, Clipsal, Ausma, Redisson, Major Tech Veti, Gerald Joseph, Lear, Onesto.

    Our suppliers include Flash Components, ACDC, South Ocean, MCE, Osram, CBI, Schneider, Crabtree, Radiant, Eurolux